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This week there are some weird tufts of grass and some strange patterns appearing on our lawn. So what's happened? Read all the details here -


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So far living with the Husqvarna Automower has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. However 1 aspect of ownership gives cause for concern. Read all the details here -

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The Automower doesn't care if it's wet or dry, it just gets on with the job in hand. We also cleaned the machine & replaced the blades. Read all the details here -

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Automower 'Connect' is Husqvarna's name for their smartphone interface to the mower. The Connect board uses the cellular network and connects to Husqvarna's servers via 2G GPRS. Read all the details here -



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Part 3 of our Husqvarna Automower Review shows the timer setup as we back the machine off it's 24/7 pace and some great drone footage of the bot as it takes care of our lawn. Read all the details here -

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Part 2 of our Husqvarna Automower Review shows the machines first cut, a comparison with our ride-on, the charging procedure, a before and after of 2 weeks progress and a time lapse of the random cutting pattern. Read all the details here -

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Earlier this year Husqvarna launched a campaign looking for 100 bloggers to test out their Automower robotic lawnmower range. Now who doesn’t want their own little R2D2 running round their garden, so of course I applied and in the end was lucky enough to be shortlisted to receive one of the bots.

So here's the first of around ten or so short videos across this mowing season on the Husqvarna 430X Automower, starting with its arrival and setup at the Automated Home a few days ago.

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The brand new Apple Mac mini was released earlier this week. We connect it up to our AV system as the ultimate 1080p HiDef media streamer in conjunction with open source Plex software

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This time we're joined by Ian Lowe and Mal Lansell of the xPL Project. We discuss how the open source Home Automation Protocol came about, how it aims to be the "glue" in your smart home setup and the variety of hardware that can talk to each other through the systems hub.

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We've updated the iPhone to V2.0 and installed a few apps to play with. Of most interest to Home Automators will be the new free Apple "Remote" application. Here's a quick two minute video tour showing just how quick and easy it is to install and use.

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